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About Wilds.io

In Wilds you spawn as a basic adventurer equip with an axe, you can select different characters by logging into their platform however and get several more options to choose from. The game is a horde survival mixed with a team deathmatch, there are npc enemies to play against as well as other players which makes the game that much funner. Work your way up the rankings and become the undisputed king of the battlefield!

How to play

As you take on enemies in Wilds.io and claim their lives you will gain a counter indicated by a coloured tally below your player model, as your counter increased so will your size and strength. Each character starts with a basic attack, a dodge and an ability to be used for combat so make sure to find out what your player is capable of! We also recommend staying away from the bigger players initially until you’re a bit more confident with the fighting or manage to rally your teammates to group up on him as they will be significantly stronger than a fresh spawn.


Your character is moved using the WASD keys or the arrow keys, your mouse cursor directs which way you’ll be looking and left click is to attack. Your ability bar has a few options to the key binds but the first ability is normally used by right clicking, also your dodging ability is usually bound to space bar.