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Terr.io game

About Terr.io

In this game you control a triangular character that draws lines where it moves, if you successfully join both sides of the line it will fill in the shape you drew and creature territory owned by you. Your goal is to claim the whole map as your own slowly but surely, you can take out other players trying to do the same by crashing into them on your claimed area.

How to play

In the world of Terrio you play as a triangle and roam your way around the world claiming territory and avoiding enemies. When you first start the line you can draw to create shapes is fairly short which means you can only gain more area fairly slowly. As you progress and gain more score/territory you are able to claim bigger chunks at a time. venturing on to someone else’s claimed area is perfectly safe, you can even over claim them by drawing shapes in their zone however if they catch you doing this and ram you whilst you’re on their colour you’re dead!


You use your mouse in order to navigate around the map, the left mouse button can be used to draw a line behind you which is used to claim territory in the shape you draw.