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Spektle.io Description

What is Spektle.io ?

Spektle.io is a "free for all" IO game with a card system that improves skills such as speed, resistance or health.



The goal of the game is to be at the top of the game with the highest score.The player is represented by "bubbles" and must destroy the other players by shooting them of the "bubbles".The lobby contains a maximum of 25 players



The controls are quite simple, W, A, S, D or the directional arrows to move and the left mouse click to shoot.



The score is determined by the number of energy accumulated by the player during the game. Killing a player brings 100 points to the player.


Energy ball

The balls of energy appear randomly on the map and gives between 2 and 4 points of energy


Cards System

The system of cards is quite simple. There are 3 random cards on the right of the screen. To activate a card, the energy bar of the player must be 100%, which corresponds to 100 points of energy. The time of the effects is about 10 Seconds depending on the card