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Shipz.io game

About Shipz.io

If you’ve ever played the game battleships you’ll recognise this game is basically the same! You place your ships down and try to take out your opponents ships before you lose all of yours.

How to play

Although it may sound simple there are several ways that you can arrange your ships, some ways working better than others of course. Each player takes a turn picking a square to reveal, if its a miss the other player takes their turn however if you hit an enemy ship you have another turn until you miss again. This game can be played against friends, computers or random players so you’ll always have someone to play against, this game is tons of fun and we’re sure you’ll like it!


Left mouse button is the one for you in this game, click on squares to reveal them and make sure to rearrange your ship layout before searching for an opponent as you wont be able to move them after!