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Gunr.io game

About Gunr.io

Gunr.io is a 2d free for all shooter game where you start off as a basic ship with a simple weapon and work your way up the weapons list killing enemy ships.

How to play

In Gunrio there are no real objectives other than progressing through the weapons list and killing everyone in sight, the map is pretty small and includes black hole themed teleporters which keep games action packed and a whole lot of fun! Travel around space collecting orbs to gain xp, once your xp bar is full you advance to a new weapon, some of the new weapons are arguably not as good as the others but its all about preference and play style. There are also power ups dotted around the map, these include speed ups, health packs and shield packs however you can only use one at a time.


To move around the map you just move your mouse cursor and use left click to fire.