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FlagRush.io Description

About FlagRush.io

Flagrush.io is a capture the flag game set in space. When you spawn you're automatically placed in one of the two teams: the attackers or the defenders. The attackers will spawn in their safezone and it is their goal to capture the flag. When they do, the game is finished and will restart. The defenders, who have to defend the flag, will spawn in the top half of the map.

How to Play FlagRush.io

To make it easier to defend or attack the flag, players are given turrets and boosters. By left clicking the turrets will activate and start shooting lasers. By right clicking you boosters will fire and they will give you extra thrust to outspeed everyone. You can regularly accelerate and decelerate with the space and shift buttons. Your rotation is dictated by your mouse movement.

FlagRush.io Strategy

Each of the teams has their own strategy. For attackers it is important to be fast and have good defences. Defenders on the other hand need to be able to easily take out their opponents. You get the upgrade points by killing players from the other team. To refill your boost you need to pickup a boost tank, the boosters you will find scattered across the map. More tips can be found in the game.