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About Bellum.io

Bellum is a super addictive, simplistic strategy game, you start off with one square of territory and slow generating military power which is basically currency within this game. You slowly claim territory around you and expand, upgrading both your tiles and your troop in order to generate MP faster.

How to play

The mechanics to Bellum are pretty simple to understand but easy to ignore, your goal is to claim a large amount of territory and over claim the other players eventually however make sure that your existing claims are upgraded as if you leave too much low level someone can easily come and over claim you! Scattered around the map are hundreds of vacant tiles for you to grow your territory however some of these squares are base level and if you manage to get your hand on a few of these you’ll be able to upgrade your troop significantly and generate a lot more MP. Because of this it can be advantageous to save up some MP if you come across one of these squares.


All actions in this game are done via mouse, left click to claim/upgrade territory.