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Battl.io Description

About Battl.io

Battl.io is a new web-game striving to be the pinnacle of competitive .io games.

Battl.io is the vision of two friends who have been playing videogames together since they were six years old. Although a top-down shooter, Battl.io draws heavy inspiration from our favourite games; attempting to combine the high skill based combat of games like Counterstrike, with the fun of utilising different classes and gadgets in creative ways like in games such as Battlefield.


How to Play Battl.io

Select a weapon, armor, and colour. Move your player with the WASD keys. Shoot other players with your mouse, or control the centre point to gain points. First tier power-ups don't need a key press, but second tier power-ups can be used with the space bar.

Battl.io Strategy

Choose your weapon to match your playstyle. Prefer fast paced? Maybe choose the SMG and low armor to rush around the map. Prefer to hang back and take accurate shots, choose the sniper. Choose whatever gun, armor and power-up matches your playstyle.